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english heritage

English Heritage are a public body and were formed as a result of an Act of Parliament. This means that they are the Governments statutory advisor on England's historic environment and have clear, set responsibilities. They do a wide range of work to ensure they protect and educate others about the historic environment in England.

national trust

A charity completely independent of the government, the National Trust protects historic houses, gardens, the countryside and coastline for everyone to enjoy.


Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings,


A membership based forum, discussing and promoting a better understanding and appreciation of traditional paint.


Property Guarantee Administration (PGA) is an organization that specialises in the building restoration industry. PGA is a valuable source of helpful impartial advice to property owners who either require or have already had work undertaken.


Green Buildings press - Information and publications to help you create healthy and ecological homes and buildings.


William Morris (1834-96), British craftsman, designer, typographer and socialist. Founding member of the Arts & Crafts movement, incredibly industrious, whose lifetime work load can only be described as astounding!


Ecology specializes in green savings and mortgages for the construction of ecological new builds and the renovation or conversion of dilapidated properties.


Augustus Welby Nortmore Pugin (1812-52) the architect considered most influential contributor to the house as we know it today, and responsible for the Gothic Revival throughout the Victorian era, a designer and writer, his biggest unaccredited work must be the Houses of Parliament.