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Paints and Wallcoverings...

We offer a wide range of bespoke designer paints Sanderson's, Paint Library, Fired Earth/ Kevin McCloud, Farrow & Ball, Zoffany, William Morris & Co. Specialist traditional paints are available for customers who wishes to create an authentic reproduction, or in the use of conservation and restoration work. In addition we offer an extensive range of varying ecological paints, which we suit to your particular criteria.

High end wallpapers from the likes of Cole & Son, Osborne & Little, Designers Guild, Mulberry, Jocelyn Warner to the likes of Monsoon, Barbara Hulanicki, Umbra, Crowson and Boras Tapeter are available among others, to some outstanding quality ecological wallpapers from the likes of Funky Little Darlings, Camilla Diedrich, Maison & Grow, Absolute Zero Degrees and Mini Moderns. Wide wallcoverings from Muraspec, Texdecor, Casamance and Camengo, along with traditional and modern patterns from the Lincrusta range complete our residential and commercial wallcoverings.

In addition, we now use and stock a 100% recycled lining paper that is available in 5 grades, Super Flat to Super Heavy all of which are hypoallergenic and breathable, along with a pure paper of single and 3 layered embossed construction in a selection of 9 and 5 patterns respectfully, all of which is sourced from FSC managed forests.

Green Paints...

Green Paints are manufactured to a high standard from an ethically sourced soya bean resin, which is sustainably grown and is renewable. It has continued to improve in its environmental credentials since its founding days in 1986 as Green Paints, when chemist Allen Beaven, saw no reason why it was not possible to manufacture a water-based paint that was environmentally friendly and which would provide a level of durability that compared to that of conventional paints, but without the associated hazards. To this day it is still manufactured by a small family business to those founding enacting principles and who continue to evolve this eco paint.

Green Paints is our preferred ecological paint of use (see our Awards) and an award winning product (as Green Paints - Novocoat ) in 'Which April 2002 - Weather Beaten' test being awarded 'Best on Test' and 'Best Buy', even when pitched along side conventional paints for it's performance and durability against cracking and the protection of external wood surfaces. When it comes to environmentally friendly coatings Green Paints really does set the standard!

Green Paints do not compromise on quality, does not cost the earth and is eco friendly. It is also available in a wide range of colours that leaves you with a beautiful finish and as easy to apply as conventional paint.

To request an order form and colour card or further information on this product range please leave your full contact details here.

Solid Wall Insulation...

The UK's housing stock is estimated at approximately 24.5 million dwellings, of which 36% are non-cavity wall construction - solid brick, solid stone, pre-1944 timbre frame and concrete, ect. These types of buildings lose more heat and energy than any other type of construction, with the average modern house being up to four times more energy efficient than its Victorian equivalent. While many local authorities, housings associations, private landlords and home owners have been concentrating on filling cavities walls to achieve their carbon savings, improving the thermal efficiency of solid-wall properties has largely been ignored. This is primarily because the solutions are deemed to be more expensive and cause greater disruption, hence the reason that these types of dwellings are referred to as 'hard to treat homes'. This is not actually correct; they are not hard to treat, just more expensive to insulate compared to cavity wall insulation. The effort is of more benefit in comparison to cavity wall insulation, as the subsequent heat savings to solid wall buildings is much higher.

One type of treatment is 'flexible thermal linings', which come on a roll and are applied like wallpaper. This will not cause significant disruption and can be integrated into any decorating scheme. These are available in many forms and thicknesses, varying from just 3mm to 10mm and greater. The vital advantage of using the thinner lining is that you retain that all important character and definition of the trim / cornice edge and therefore retain the finer more subtle feature to your humble abode.

Possible grants maybe available from The Warm Front and Energy Efficiency Commitment Scheme, The Energy Saving Trust. The Ecology Building Society offer numerous discounts and incentives. The Governments new scheme, The Green Deal is to be introduced in the autumn of 2012 with a new approach to carbon reduction funding.

Due to the fact that prices tend to change on a continual basis we do not list prices for any of the products you see, but we ask you to contact us to enable us to cater for you requirements.